“Dr. Lin wants peace between folks who are well-intentioned but unable to agree, be they Christians or not! Peace as we wrestle with science and Scripture over our stewardship of God’s beloved creation. Lin gives us well-considered ways to sift competing views and supposed facts. … This book comes from a master teacher and irenic fellow struggler. A very important synthesis of worldview-driven, informed arguments.” — Terry Morrison, Director Emeritus, Faculty Ministry, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

“By carefully breaking ‘environmental stewardship’ down into its component parts, this book offers readers a framework to dialogue—instead of debate—the imperative of creation care. Grappling with the fact that today’s ecological and economic challenges cannot be contained by a simple ideology nor a single imagination, Lin guides us toward both a practical synthesis of collective human wisdom and a higher level of conscientiousness in protecting all that which God loves.” — Kaleb Nyquist, Steering Committee Member, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

“Most evangelical books on environmental stewardship line up firmly on one side or the other of controversial issues like global warming, agricultural chemical use, genetically modified organisms and foods, etc., and most also are marked by heavy emphasis on good intentions but little acquaintance with the hard empirical and the theoretical scientific and economic questions that must be answered in order for good intentions to beget truly helpful actions. Johnny Wei-bing Lin … brings together outstanding scientific understanding with deeply thoughtful theology and ethics in this absorbing study of differing perspectives …. Lin is totally even-handed in describing competing views and presenting, and critiquing, their arguments. This gets my vote as the best evangelical book on environmental ethics so far in this century.” — E. Calvin Beisner, Founder and National Spokesman of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

“This book is an excellent tool to help concerned Christians to understand the demands of environmental stewardship and to discover ways to respond that are effective, Biblical and necessary.” — Rev’d Canon Donald C. Macdonald, review published by Green Christian (UK)

“This book both made me think and changed how I think. If Lin’s goal is to help us understand how we think about environmental stewardship, he achieved it. Lin’s book is an effective solution to a common problem: we have forgotten how to talk about issues such as environmental stewardship with those with whom we disagree. Lin reopens the dialogue.” — Joseph S. Tolsma, Graduate Department of Genetics, North Carolina State University, review published in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

“In a political and theological ‘environment’ rife with entrenched and often inflammatory debates surrounding creation care, Lin offers a refreshing opportunity to pause and consider what exactly goes into such debates.” — Jaime Wright, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, review published in The Expository Times

(Note: The first two reviews are the text from the back cover of the book. The remaining reviews are excerpts from online and otherwise published reviews. While I believe the excerpts are fair, I encourage you to read the linked reviews in their entirety.)