Do you support a particular set of policies?
Personally, yes. Professionally, no. I have my own beliefs regarding environmental policies. I would prefer, however, to spend my time helping all sides in environmental issues participate in a richer dialogue regarding the content of creation care, in the hopes of building on common ground and the enacting of higher quality environmental policies (personal and political).

Do you support particular environmental organizations?
I am a current member of the American Meteorological Society and American Scientific Affiliation, and work I have been involved with in the past has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, etc. (None of these organizations necessarily endorse my opinions.) I count as colleagues members of environmental organizations that hold a wide-range of positions, but I am not a member of any of those organizations. In my current role, I am interested in bringing together people from the broad range of environmental positions to engage in dialogue regarding environmental stewardship.

I’m interested in making a bulk order for copies of your book.
I am happy to help any non-profit organization interested in a bulk order for copies of the book, provided the purpose is non-retail (e.g., as a gift to members, etc.); please contact me for more information. For bulk orders for retail purposes, please contact the publisher’s marketing department directly.